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A normal human girl... A lover of words... A romantic in and outside... A dreamer she happens to be... A reader, so deep she happens to be that she sometimes forgets that its just books and not real life....

One of the weirdest Girl you'll come across... A Fun bomb she indeed is...

You can give her a diamond ring, she might forget you as soon its shine dims.... but give her a book, she'll remember you forever...

Sunday, May 27, 2012


fluttering fast
the wings of a butterfly,
melting away the stress.
days spent on work.
smiles long forgotten,
comes around like a feeble whisper.
urging for more i walk 
around that creek.
a heaviness lifts from me...
Little wings of giggles
sprouts on me.
Pulling me towards a fable of ecstasy...
Hopes, and determination
guiding the way...
The little cries of Happiness
leaves me...


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